E taukeh Kedai Nasi Kalut Jitra Mai


On July 2, I met an old friend. 20 years ago did not meet. In the past, every time I returned from class at UiTM Shah Alam, I stopped at an umbrella stall in Bukit Raja. Pekena vermicelli soup or laksa.

From umbrellas to pickups. Then the food court. That’s all in three years. After that, I ‘graduated’ in Shah Alam. Keep not seeing.

The elevator door opened and a small child rushed into the gaping space and called the child’s name, Love, Love and Beautiful while in the elevator to find us again.

“My children are also of the same name.”

I not really remember who he was. But kind of familiar. I held out a card as I exited the elevator on the 6th floor. We walked for a while in front of the door and finally we both started to remember.

We continued the story in the lobby. And continue to talk in the Mercedes-Benz GLC 250 4Matic SUV that he drove around the Alor Star.

Apparently he is – E – taukeh shop Nasi Kalut Jitra Mai. The latest branch in Ampang. Viral. Line up from morning to night. E has succeeded.

* When I got off the plane at that morning, I told my friend, Tan about my desire to have lunch at Nasi Kalut Jitra. Apparently this shop is not in Jitra. Only in Shah Alam and Ampang.


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