Crime desk

I was very nervous when placed at the crime desk. According to many seniors in Utusan, being at the crime desk is like sitting on embers. Journalists who are there need to make sure no news is missed. While criminal incidents occur every day. The only difference is small and large.

Honestly, I am not interested to be a crime desk. I want to be a sports journalist who can cover football and Olympic. The only wish is to see Manchester United in action at Old Trafford. I can’t afford to go to Manchester. There must be a lot of money.

If I were a sports journalist I might have the opportunity to see Ryan Giggs and David Beckham kick the ball for free. Manchester United is a dream come true. Bechkam’s curling kick, Ryan Giggs’ quick run of dribbling two or three people is an opium that evokes excitement.

How to know if crime is happening? Every day accidents happen, many die. In fact, it is common knowledge that Malaysia tops the chart with the most people in the world dying on the streets.

After a few months I realized being a criminal journalist was fun because you will receive the earliest information. Will even arrive at the location earlier than others.

The kinds that will be able to see and meet. There are caterpillar corpses, there are children crying parents eyes, there are half-naked girls and more.

I remember how a case of a child was found alone by the side of the road in Hulu Langat. This 3-year-old boy is fine. Apparently he was left alone after his mother was killed and thrown into a ravine by the side of the road.

A friend of mine, Metra Syahril and I got the story exclusively from Mama Juwei.

Now I get to know the fun world.

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