Almost fired

In a previous post I have recounted how a boy was found on the side of the road by a gorge in Hulu Langat. The child almost caused me to be fired. How?

Here is the story:

After the child is found. Police are trying to track down the child’s mother. His father is said to be in a drug rehabilitation center but has fled.

I was lucky to get tips from a policeman on the case. So, I got the information continuously and added to a good relationship with the investigating officer of the case.

Almost every day the news of the case is published on the front page of Utusan Malaysia. Metra Syahril and I took turns writing this story.

But one day, actually Saturday, I got a tip from the investigating officer of this case that there was going to be a big incident.

Just a word from him, “Ran, wait in front of IPD Kajang at 5 pm. When you see my car coming out of the IPD, continue to follow. ”

Coincidentally I did not work but out of curiosity, I came to the office to accompany Metra to IPD Kajang. I gave the officer’s phone number to Metra.

We arrived in front of IPD Kajang at 4.30 pm. After almost three hours of waiting nothing came out. I tried to call many times but there was no answer. I did not dare to enter the police headquarters building because the message was not to enter or contact him.

Because it took too long, I asked the guard at the IPD. The guard informed that the investigating officer with the ASP rank was facing a big problem. His prisoner had jumped from the third floor and died.

Great story !. I asked Metra to go to Kajang Hospital to confirm the identity of the body because we do not have the resources. Only from the hospital we will get information or identity of the corpse.

I waited in front of the IPD and tried to go inside to get information. Only one information we have, the victim’s husband was arrested the day before.

Therefore, we made the initial conclusion that the victim’s husband jumped from the building and Metra confirmed it from the hospital.

I provide information to seniors in the office via public telephone. By then, the phone credit was gone. Sharilfudin processes the information provided into the news. Assistant News Editor on duty, Mr. Manimaran also confirmed that the deceased was the victim’s husband. Manimaran has contacted the Head of the Selangor Criminal Investigation Department to get confirmation.

The news of the victim’s husband’s death was posted on the front page of Mingguan Malaysia. But the next day we found out that the fact was wrong. The dead individual is the victim’s neighbor. A man in his 20s killed the victim and threw him into the gorge. The suspect’s hair in the victim’s car led to the arrest.

This is a big mistake. The punishment is severe either suspended or dismissed. But Metra and I survived because the factual error was not our fault alone but the fault of everyone involved in the news broadcasting process.

I survived.


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